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Our life is full of challenges. Often we have to improve ourselves. We have to learn, to obtain new skills, to strength our body, to cope with problems or get new experiences. We set goals in order to make better our personal life, to change and enhance things surrounding us. From small goals to big ones, each has a common point: we strive to achieve them. The Purp app makes it easy.

Set your goal, and go for it

Whatever your goal is like accomplish projects, manage daily tasks, work todos, learning languages, mastering skills, sports, travel, family or adventures, Purp will help you to collect, keep, organise, track and finally reach your goals.

On the main screen you can overview each of your goal and you can see their status by percentage-based progress bars.

List of your goals with percentage based progress bars

Todo list with statistics

When you set your goal, maybe it seems unattainable. But when you start to think about how can you reach it, it immediately reveals you can split it into small feasible steps a todo list. By statistics, you will always see where you are in the process. You are able to track how many tasks you completed, how much time did you spend on a task or the goal and how many days left until the deadline.

Time control

When you create your list, you can set time to each task. Hence you can estimate how long to achieve a goal will take. You can simply use timers to measure the task and perform the task in time.

Set timer to each tasks. You can see if you have overtime or the saved time if you finish a task earlier.

Categorize, organize

Add categories for your goals. From financial, health, sport, skills, learning, family to your personal ones, you will be able to reach goals in the most important fields of your life.

You can add default categories or create new ones.

Track your progression

You are able to see how long does it take to reach your goal. You can see how many tasks and how much hours are front of you, and how much you already completed.

You will see how many tasks and how many hours consist of a goal and how many tasks and how much time you completed.

Track your activity

Always great to see how many goals you already reached in a week a month or half a year or longer periods. You can see when you were active and also which categories are you focused in certain periods.

You can track your activity, to see on which day and in special periods how many tasks you completed, and which categories have you been active.

Stay motivated

When you arrive at an important milestone, you complete hundreds of tasks or you reach more and more goals, or you will be active in more categories, you will earn awards, which strength you to move forward on your way.

In the achievements you can earn awards when you reach a milestones as ten goals, 300 tasks or achieved goals in five different categories.

Sum Up

Purp is the app to track your goals and manage your tasks. It gives you:

  • Percentage based progress overview about your goals
  • Middle term goal and daily goal management
  • Statistics of tasks and time
  • Statistics about you activity
  • Timer to tasks
  • Deadlines
  • Categories for goals
  • Achievements
  • Synchronisation between iOS devices
  • Clean and simple interface

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We wish you thousands of achieved goals!