Taking the Challenge : Habit

Challenges are great, aren’t they, they are to me, but my mouth or thoughts outpace my actions, I don’t like it but I want to change, the procrastinations are now turning to rage and I want to use that power to generate a highly efficient engine to get going again, stop being a “Couch Potato” and achieve.
It’s not hard but the “thinking” slacks us down, don’t get me wrong but it happens without your conscious, our brain trick us in many ways than we could imagine, but now it’s time to do the same, it’s not a revenge but a “win-win” deal for both of us, Right!!
For again thinking I want to escape this mesh around and get moving again, pick up reading again, French, and few other nit-bits, and it’s done by simply Picking One thing to not do, which I do daily or we all do, not a long list of habits, just one and it will start the motion for other things to move away for better ones to take place, as I read about same for a women who achieved exceptional success by leaving one bad habit; Smoking, and as the time progressed her other habits flew away and she had her happiness and health back again, but for all this We (I) need to Put in work, also my mentor says the same.
There are Quadrillion amounts of Quotes to boost you, pump you but, they are like candles, but as soon as flame blows away, your motivations wears down, and your excuses come up, and they are more than the enough to keep you away from doing the work, so what can you do to not fall for this again??

Let’s start together, doing one thing ( or avoiding one thing) daily, not many, just one, pick up anything, reading, writing, a new language, travel, cooking, marketing, any sport, gym, meditation, art, anything you wish to do, or learn, or as a side thing whatever, choose it, and do it DAILY, starting from today (or when you read this post), as its a Journey we’re all in and it will be more wonderful and better together, so I will be posting one Blog daily and try to keep the streak alive as long as possible, and hope it help others to achieve the same.

But there are a few little milestones in this, you are pumped again, but what if not after 2–3 days later, so keep in mind, do it no matter what, its really hard, don’t let weather, condition, temperature, place, clothes, accessories, etc stop you from nothing, because “if you really want to do it, you’ll find a way” or an excuse, so do it, no matter how tired, chose a time or a time period, like, 6–7 am in the morning or 30 minutes daily, and reward yourself after that, it’s a must, post a picture, share with your friends, treat as it will motivate further and soon you’ll find it to be working in a flow and You have a new Habit to talk about.

Mind is in Power :
Why do something new or interesting if your life is going fine already, right, others are crazy.
This is the last thing to get rid off, it gets in way of you doing anything even daily things. MINDSEt is everything, it sets the tone of your actions, your attitude toward anything, that’s why there are Arguments everywhere, people demotivating you, because they have the mindset like that, it’s not their fault, but don’t make it yours as well, before starting prepare a mindset, a positive, as optimistic as you can.

Now we are set to go and Enjoy this Journey.