No more generic customer service!

Everyone knows that in a retail business, customer experience and service is one of the main elements of success. Micah Solomon posted an article on Forbes on customer service and stated that “if your customer service approach is to treat each customer like a commodity, you’ll quickly turn your business into a commodity: easily forgotten, easily replaced.” Solomon continues with the story of a woman and her unsatisfying experience at her local bank. The indifference towards her made her feel like a “generic, interchangeable customer.” Solomon states that you should not think of customers as a plural form, instead you should focus on the sole customer — the one right in front of you.

It is important for retail business to remember to serve the customer. In order to create the right customer experience, you want to make sure you have the right amount of sales associates on the floor and make sure you are not understaffing or overstaffing your store. It is crucial that you create a winning sales team in order to make your sale while still delivering a custom-tailored experience. Seeking to stay away from providing a generic customer experience is key for the survival of the retail industry.