The shift of the transportation and mobility industry during the pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every industry that our global economy has to offer — and sure, while some industries may have experienced a bit of an upswing, it’s clear to see that none have gone without interruption, disruption, and transformation. In fact, the transportation and mobility industry has shifted quite a bit during the pandemic — and while it could be argued that there was a shift, or a transformation, already underway, the pandemic has certainly accelerated it.

The Observable Shift recently referred to public transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic as “apocalyptic,” and that’s not exactly an exaggeration. As people have continued to embrace social distancing guidelines, ridership across cities has been at a near all-time low. In addition, with businesses remaining closed and workers remaining remote, there has been less of a demand for public transportation — but that will obviously change as things continue to open back up. …

Leveraging innovation for safer and more efficient operations

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear to see that delivery services are being used by consumers more than ever before. From food, to packages, delivery services have quickly been thrust into the spotlight within the transportation and mobility industry. And with this new fame comes an increased market growth rate that is providing commercial fleets with new opportunities to scale, branch out, and take advantage of an expanded market.

With more delivery demand, there is an increased need for commercial fleets to provide extensive delivery services that continue to meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumers. With more trucks on the road, there also is an increased need for safety precautions that ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and commercial fleet operators. …

How commercial fleets and logistics companies can make our streets safer

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When it comes down to it, urban roads are primarily shared by a number of different road users. From mass and public transportation like busses and cabs, to trucks making deliveries, first responder vehicles, and of course, private automobiles, it’s clear to see just why accidents occur so frequently out on the road.

And even though COVID-19 has increased demand for alternative mobility concepts and delivery services, accident rates still remain quite high, especially taking into account pedestrians and cyclists. …


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