We got Google’s attention and our goal for the Taiwo Abiri story was achieved.

Taiwo Abiri at the Google Office in Lagos, Nigeria

Today I want to celebrate Taiwo Abiri a friend that has become a brother in a very short time of knowing ourselves.

Early last year, I drove into a random mechanic workshop by the roadside to work on my car. Long story short, What we call ‘nose for news’ in journalism came to the fore, I figured out there was more to the guy fixing my car than meets the eye. He was not just an ordinary roadside mechanic. Months after, I continued going there and took out a day to listen to his story. I knew in my spirit that I had to tell his story, I also knew that the story will be big, I know ‘viral’ when I see one. I called our managing editor and we crafted and published a story about Taiwo in our publication with the headline “How Youtube turned a 30yr old Nigerian graduate into a millionaire motor mechanic” Intentionally, the plot was to get the attention of youtube to our story, exactly 1 year after, it happened. The story was published in Jan 2015, 1yr ago. Read on!

My joy today is that I took the chance and did that story, the story was viral, publications from all over started picking up the story, media houses came calling on Taiwo from all over. Post that story, Taiwo has landed juicy corporate deals and accounts, yes that story landed him the deal of an accredited UBER service center, his shop has moved from Marwa to Lekki Phase 1. Taiwo called in December to say Perez thank you, I was wondering why he had to do that and he narrated the kind of calls that come to him for interviews and showcase. First it was Mo Abudu calling on him for ELTV and next we heard was GOOGLE calling for him to come over.

See how our plot worked? thats what happens when a marketing and advertising person goes into the business of publishing (winks)

He told me about the Google story last week and I was screaming yasss yasss yasss, the joy and fulfillment was immeasurable. Taiwo is a testament of the power of a good story told at the right time and on the right platform (winks).

You can read his story here: http://thenerveafrica.com/…/how-youtube-helped-turn-a-30-y…/

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