How To Repair Your Outdoor Cushions

First off, we at Perfect Patio & Cushion Factory have to say this: we are dedicated to creating custom patio cushions. For 37 years, we have worked with our customers to transform their outdoor patio dreams into realities.

Our cushions not only come in a wide variety of colors, but they are covered in Sunbrella fabric that withstands even the cruelest tirades Mother Nature throws our way.

Stay Calm. Don’t Panic.

But what do we do when the inevitable does occur?

That handyman, jack-of-all-trades neighbor comes over for a visit and plops down on your custom patio cushions — with a screw driver in his back pocket!

Or, little Johnny from down the street leaps upon your splendid display of cushions and … rip, tear, puncture happens.

Ah, but we have a solution.

Repair Your Outdoor Patio Cushions

According to, the most common repairs to patio cushions are to unraveled seams or punctures from sharp objects.

Burns from cigarettes and other hot objects are repaired in the same way as punctures.

Here are some tips from that’ll make life easier and simpler:

  • Stuffing cushions: Use only batting that is natural. Synthetic materials tend to clump or compress faster than cotton or feathers. Open one end of the cushion at the seam, remove the old stuffing and insert the new batting, being careful not to bunch it in one part.
  • Seam sewing: A needle and thread do the trick. Sew from one corner across the entire edge. Make a double loop stitch, then sew back along the seam in the opposite direction.
  • Burns and punctures: Choose a few decorative self-stick vinyl or cloth patches. Use multiple patches to draw attention away from repair areas and gives the impression of a more stylish look.
  • Cushion covers: The simplest cover is a pillow case. Put the cushion in the pillow case and fold the extra material under the cushion so that it doesn’t show. For fancier covers, choose your own fabrics and make your own cases. One piece of material can create an entire patio cushion cover.

Because our cushions and pillows are custom made with the high quality materials, we don’t think you’ll ever need these tips for our products. But should accidents happen and the need arises, you’ll be prepared. What do you think of our tips? Do you have suggestions of your own?

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