Break OR Half Time Management Methodology
Otaru Babatunde

Wow! this method of time management is nice.

I normally use a technique similar, but mine is called the Pomodoro technique.

Here I create a list of task’s and then start off working on each one for 25mins (this is called a Pomodoro round). After the Pomodoro round, I mark where I have stopped on that task and then take a 5 mins break. Then I move on to the next Pomodoro working on the next task.

And after 4 rounds, I take a 30 mins break, and then the cycle continues. This technique makes me multitask efficiently and also increased my productivity, but what I liked about it is that it gives time for meaningful break and prevents overworking yourself so you don’t burn out ☺.

Irrespective of whatever time management strategy, I believe it is important to know when to take a break as it also helps to be more productive.