Development update: October 2022 — Gaming


  • Gaming TL;DR
  • Market outlook
  • In-depth: Building influence in Web3 eSports
  • In-depth: Player performance

Gaming TL;DR

  • Focus on Web3 eSports tournaments
  • Restructuring of gaming team
  • Tournament prize pools continue to grow reaching 5–6 figure amounts
  • Partnership with tournament hosting platform


  • FaZe clan enters the Sandbox with FaZe World:
FaZe clan, the leading traditional gaming team is making a play for the Metaverse, announcing a partnership with The Sandbox to create their own in game experiences

In depth: Cultural growth

In depth: eSports

  • Galaxy fight club — Championship: US $200K
  • Gods Unchained — Battle for light: US $50K
  • MMG Axie — Masters league: US $160K
  • Daily Zed run tournaments: US $11.5K


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