Development update: October 2022 — Product


  • 5 Developers
  • 1 UI/UX lead
  • 1 Product manager

What’s inside:

  • Product TL;DR
  • Product outlook
  • Product thesis
  • In-depth product update

Product TL;DR

  • Our wagering platform MVP is close to complete; first looks, licensing, and beta testing are fast approaching
  • Business development / B2B partnership sourcing has begun for drop platform 02_STATE
  • Perion web update UI/UX planning via wireframes has begun in earnest


In-Depth: Product thesis



In-Depth: Product overview

Stealth wagering platform

Teaser alert
  • The wagering platform is almost ready to meet the world, we’ll be releasing first looks soon
  • Parallel to first looks we’ll begin user testing opening the platform to a small group of beta testers
  • As the platform involves wagering we have begun to seek appropriate licensing
  • Smart contracts and backend 95% complete
  • 2–3 week ETA for front end completion and commencement of testing


New feature: User NFTs unlocking custom backgrounds
  • Partnership outreach has begun for the 02_STATE drop platform, an innovative hub for no code drops of NFTs backed by physical goods
  • Perion will seek to enter into a business development / sourcing arrangement with several agency partners as a means to conduct B2B partner outreach
  • Main design stage for web is complete, as well as creation of backlog tasks for developers.
  • Expect to start development come Q4

General updates


  • Redesign work is in progress. Currently completing wireframes
  • Objective is to make this a central hub for all things Perion
  • Closed governance beta is being rolled out / tested


  • Implementing best practices for product development as we grow the contributor base. E.g. Agile methodologies, retros etc

Hired contributors

  • 1 x Solidity developer
  • 1 x Data scientist


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