Perion enters the mech-driven, dystopian universe of MetalCore

3 min readDec 16, 2021


Announced in 2021 at NFT.NYC (link) MetalCore represents a bold vision for the future of NFT gaming–Perion has moved to secure an early allocation of US$100,000 of MGT governance tokens, plus an additional $100,000 of in-game NFT assets–We are incredibly excited to be involved at the ground floor of what looks to be a monumental project

MetalCore’s vision is a world class gaming experience, seamlessly integrating NFTs across a robust gameplay ecosystem, bolstered by real-world stakes, all centring upon team driven combat and decision making

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a first-in-class massively multiplayer mech based combat NFT game–In a futuristic dystopian open-world setting, players will engage in a multitude of gameplay types centred around territory control including: Player Vs. Player (PvP), Player Vs. Environment (PvE), Battle Royale, turn-based strategy, and Real-Time Strategy experiences. Huge 50v50 maps will be a cornerstone of the initial MetalCore gameplay loop and represents and exciting testbed for many recently formed NFT guilds and gaming organisations to face off in high stakes, territory driven combat


Players of MetalCore will find themselves in the dystopian landscape of the planet TRM-175 Kerebos, 1500 years into the future; survival is uncertain and distrust amongst the remaining factions of humanity is at an extreme. Factions wilffl battle it out amongst the beautiful backdrop of this resource rich environment in order to control territory and ultimately hold the claim of conquering the planet

NFTs and Fungible tokens

Utilising the in-game token FAB, players will level their NFT mech assets in addition to customizing their unique vehicles, weapons and bases. Players and guilds alike will be able to exchange, sell and rent in-game assets, building their way to a powerful foothold within the MetalCore universe

Why MetalCore?

  • Extraordinary team: In the exciting landscape of NFT gaming Perion seeks out visionary founders backed by experienced, dedicated teams–MetalCore is home to industry standard gaming professionals with decades of experience across commercial titles including Gears of War 3, Mortal Kombat, Mechwarrior and others
  • Concept driven- Whilst tokenomics and gameplay are at the forefront of Perion’s asset allocation strategy, art direction and lore is the cornerstone of world-building and the foundation of enduring gaming titles–The aesthetic and design of the MetalCore universe highlights the potential for MetalCore to deliver a world class experience. At the helm of art direction is lead concept artist and Hugo award recipient Stephan Martiniere. Having worked across many mediums Stephan brings a wealth of experience including the creation of assets for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ready Player One, Suicide Squad and The Elder Scrolls series
  • New horizons — Large scale combat against the backdrop of the emergent guild landscape is an exciting value proposition and will build upon the ties, stakes and reputations of these newly formed organisations. The MetalCore team understands the broader implications use case of NFT technology and will leverage this to create a sticky model, with real stakes to decision making and gameplay
  • Ambition — 2021 has been an amazing year for the NFT gaming proof of concept–While Perion looks to the future we hope to support the builders of tomorrow who can take the next steps needed to further the landscape. The MetalCore team’s ambition, understanding of the NFT landscape and passion for what they do is a core reason why Perion is an early supporter of this very promising project

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