Perion enters the world of Mavia heroes

4 min readJan 25, 2022

Perion is excited to announce a US $300,000 allocation of land in the exciting, upcoming persistent world fantasy game, Mavia Heroes. The allocation includes:

  • Legendary land: 5 pieces
  • Rare land: 18 pieces
  • Common land: 202 pieces
Mavia looks, exceptional (Chef’s kiss)

What is Mavia heroes?

Mavia is best described as a world first NFT gaming analogue to the exceedingly popular PVP strategy game Clash of Clans (CoC). The art style is crisp and approachable, and the economy robust; designed from the ground up to include many value sinks, combatting the pitfalls of existing NFT gaming titles

Mavia’s gameplay is PVP centric (see our GFC spaces catchup for why this matters) and represents a great opportunity for some of the world class CoC players in the Perion community to have their moment in the limelight

Scarcity, scarcity, scarcity

Importantly Mavia heroes will launch with a very scarce model for land ownership — Only 100,000 pieces of land will ever be available for competitive play-to-earn, released in seasonal bundles. There will be, in time, unlimited free-to-play land. This interesting model of scarcity and the potential for incredibly high p2e land demand is why Mavia land represents an asymmetric return profile and was a key consideration in Perion’s entry

To elaborate this point we can take a quick dive into the MAU (monthly active user count) for CoC. At time of writing CoC saw 115 million (yes, million!) users login over the last 30 days, source. If we consider that there will only ever be 100,000 pieces of seasonally released land for P2E play within Mavia and it’s parallels to CoC, we begin to see how this land may one day be in very high demand. Another important consideration is the whale culture within persistent world strategy games. See this wired article for a great jump off point in gaining insight to these high rolling users, their spending habits, and why we think Mavia land is a fantastic play

Mavia land encompasses several types, each with its own advantages

Economy, with depth

A further reason for Perion’s entry into Mavia is the detailed, robust dual token system, designed to enable a balanced P2E playing field, in addition to combating rapid supply inflation. $RUBY, the in-game currency is generated as a player wins in-game events; It’s used to purchase resources, upgrade bases and speedup processes. Each $RUBY based transaction allows for token burning, acting as a balance point against supply inflation

Moreover $MAVIA is the project’s governance token and is utilised to purchase NFTs required for gameplay such as Heroes, Statues and Land. Whilst there are rankings to each NFT category, the complexity of gameplay and upgradability within Mavia prevents a pay-to-win ecosystem to evolve

World class backing

Mavia has been incredibly successful in securing world class VC partners, including the collaborative duo from BitKraft and Delphi digital, known for getting their hands dirty in shaping game economies and strategy. Other notable partners include Mechanism capital and Perion backers Animoca brands and our co-lead Alameda research

Leasing, simplified

Another great boon to accessibility /scalability is Mavia’s inbuilt leasing system. As we see many NFT gaming guilds and organisations looking to combat the sometimes heavy HR burden of managing large numbers of scholars (lessees), in built leasing mechanics lower management outlay and provide guilds et al. a simplified asset management system, easing often felt pain points. We believe this model will trend toward popularity, as at Perion at least we are large proponents of removing unnecessary manual process. (See our whitepaper for details on how we developed our own systems for automation and player management)

Content centric

Heroes of Mavia is a pioneer within the NFT gaming community by creating a first of its kind strategy P2E game with a PvP (Player vs. Player) focus. Mavia’s focus on PvP will combat the usage of bots in addition to fostering a large streaming community. Mavia heroes will offer a first in class streaming platform allowing people to live-stream and replay past battles, allowing for rapid content creation and quick turnaround. Content forms a key backbone in any games ability to gather market share and we believe this platform will quickly spread awareness for Mavia and be a boon to user acquisition

TL;DR — Why Mavia?

  • Approachable art style and sticky gameplay loop
  • Well-designed tokenomic system
  • Ultra-scarce land
  • Serious backing
  • Simplified leasing
  • Content creation as a core pillar

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