Perion partners with Spintop

2 min readMay 26, 2023

Today is a momentous day! Perion are thrilled to officially unveil our strategic partnership with This collaboration stems from our mutual passion to push the boundaries of Web3.0 gaming.

Our joint venture aims to empower gamers with true ownership of their in-game assets and identities. We are on a mission to create innovative products and services that resonate with you, our gaming community.

Now, for the first glimpse of our joint adventure: Imagine a unique platform connecting game developers and the perfect game testers. Sounds exciting? We’re collaborating on the Spintop platform to bring this creation to life. Keep your eyes peeled for more details as we approach a Q3 launch.

Looking forward

We’re all in when it comes to Web3.0 gaming, recognising its potential to revolutionise the gaming world. That’s why we and our new partners at Spintop are gearing up to pioneer a better, more player-centric future in gaming. is a versatile player in the Web3.0 gaming arena. We’re not only backing Web3.0 gaming studios, but also showcasing our elite esports team, and developing products that accelerate the shift to Web3.0 gaming — we’ve got all aspects covered!

“Web3 gaming is a game-changer, and we’re ready to redefine the industry. Collaborating with Spintop signifies our commitment to a better, more inclusive gaming future.”

Jan Hartmann, a founding contributor of, a Web3.0 gaming discovery platform, is all about enabling next-gen gaming experiences. We aim to put the power back in gamers’ hands, helping you own your gaming assets and identities, and even participate in governing your favourite games.

“Joining forces with Perion to advance web3 gaming is a dream come true. With Perion’s deep expertise and innovative approach, we’re poised to build the infrastructure the gaming world has been anticipating.”

Sinan Gulfidan, CEO of

Here’s to the future of gaming — where we’ll all PLAY FOR KEEPS.

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