Perion 2023 Strategy Update

To our community,

  1. 2022 Recap
  2. Strategy Update

1. 2022 Recap

Changes in the Play-to-Earn Landscape

Initiatives and Products

  1. A fully smart-contract-based wagering platform, which allows players to bet on outcomes in web3 games (fully developed)
  2. 02_State: A platform for limited NFT and Merchandise Drops + Brand Activations (MVP Showcased at our NFT.NYC Activation )


Public Sale/IDO

2022 summary

2. Strategy Update

“Perion’s Mission is to accelerate the shift to web3 gaming by building and backing its best teams”.

  1. Launch a product or service that onboards web2 gamers to web3 at scale
  • Wagering platform: We are in active talks with a few parties to sell the platform- creating immediate value for the treasury, or partner with a licensed operator- securing a stake in the platform’s growth and an ongoing revenue share for the DAO treasury.
  • 02State: We have come to the conclusion that fashion is not our area to play in. We are currently scoping routes to re-skin the existing prototype to solve a big problem in the gaming space — stay tuned for more info on this soon.

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