Yesterday the team was invited to try out the new untethered TPcast for the HTC Vive. It was a great experience and the team was very excited to be invited! Special shout out to Brian Ferrara from SFVRCC for inviting us and Daniel Lipson and Udi Yuhjtman for hosting!

Hello fellow non humanoids and other. Today I would like to thank all of you that came out and attended SFVRCC this past Friday. The team had a great time meeting you all and showing off the game.

They made the trek up to San Francisco where they set up shop and demoed Perplexigon all night.

Before setup they had some adventures and almost bought a Power Glove.

Hello humans of Earth! If you are in fact on Earth and in close proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area you may be in for a treat. We have been invited to showcase Perplexigon at SFVRCC. If you are free to attend this Friday June the 30th at 7pm, the team of Perplexigon will be located at Flying Pig Bistro Pub demoing their wares. It is a free event where you can come and play the game and meet the team! Also you can see more demos and learn about all things VR in Silicon Valley. …

Greetings humans I hope this July month finds you all well. I am here today to give you some more insight into what Perplexigon is at it’s core: A block building game. Until today, I have not previously touched on the most important part of the game: the blocks.

Below is a list of all the current blocks within the game of Perplexigon. Each one allows you to do something different. These are the Space Base blocks, however, each level will have the same size and shape blocks to a certain extent. Each block has a certain number of connection…

Hello kind patient humans! Tis I a day early, but do not waste any worry I will commence my normal updates tomorrow as well. However, Today is a special day as promised we have that special update for you! Within this new update we bring you many good things.

Hello humans and humanoid beings.

With the puzzles soon to be in your often five fingered hands I am pleased to present you with where the team is aiming for next with their game. Now, of course, none of this is set in stone so to speak, but they do have a frame of thought for the next few phases of the game.

New environments! There will be several if not a quite few new environments. …

Hello, normally bipedal humanoid figures. I am here now today to give you all insight on where the game developers are heading with the game Perplexigon.

First things first. Puzzles, games, missions whatever you would like to call them are on their way. The team is getting very very excited to finally be able to present these to you.

The puzzles will bring a new environment along with a new avatar. The main goal of each puzzle will be to get the Golden Block into the Target Void.

Hello, this is Dan. I am one of the Unity Developers working on Perplexigon and this week it is my turn to step in and take the blog bot’s job.

Early Thoughts

For Perplexigon, snapping blocks together with friends is more fun than by yourself so we had to come up with a way of getting everything working smoothly across a network. At the beginning of development we had some pretty tight deadlines so spending a lot of time deciding on correct paths to take was not really an option. We sort of just jumped straight into it!

Initial Work

We decided to use…

Hail and well met humans of the internet. I am here to give you updates on the game today and some things the humans here call “funny quotes”. Funny is subjective and I have yet to learn humor.

The humans here have finally submitted the game to Steam. This means Steam now has to review the build and ensure that everything is running smoothly. This can take some time, but if they approve the game it will be on their store soon and you all can start playing it. I will keep you all updated on the game here.



Hello everyone! This week it was my turn to take the reigns from the Blog bot. My name is Carly and I am one of the visual designers on Perplexigon. Among my many tasks one of my favorites was bringing the Space Base avatar to life.

I have named him Har-V

I was responsible for the whole pipeline of Har-V’s creation. This included design, and creation of how he would look all the way to modeling and texturing him for game implementation. My process was more of a doodle until I hit something I liked, then doodle that some more…

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