Building Robots- Creating the Avatar

Hello everyone! This week it was my turn to take the reigns from the Blog bot. My name is Carly and I am one of the visual designers on Perplexigon. Among my many tasks one of my favorites was bringing the Space Base avatar to life.

I have named him Har-V

I was responsible for the whole pipeline of Har-V’s creation. This included design, and creation of how he would look all the way to modeling and texturing him for game implementation. My process was more of a doodle until I hit something I liked, then doodle that some more and share with the group. Get feedback from the group and then go and doodle some more.

Early designs of Har-V

This went on for a little bit and then we had a large long meeting to finalize what we liked and didn’t like and I got the final drawing and Har-V was born.

Final Har-V turn around

I usually work in watercolor to get more of a loose design out while looking at inspiration to get over all shapes. Then I move in with ink brushes and pens to flush out more of what details I want shown.

My weapons of choice

As you can see we decided going with a more simpler version of Har-V as oppose to some of my later designs

My fave Har-V

The reason we went more sleek and less detailed was to remove the focus from the avatar in order to focus on the game play. We still wanted him to be cute, though.

After finalizing the design I then moved into Autodesk Maya to start the modeling, UVs, and texturing. Once he was modeled I UVed him leaving certain meshes on different maps in order to make them specific textures.

After he was optimized in Maya I exported him and imported him into Substance Painter where I went crazy with different metals and colors.

We wanted him to be colorized based on how many people were in the server with you. Each Har-V will be a different color to tell people apart. So I needed to make him gray scale in order for the Unity developers to put the color on. We decided the backpack would be the only item that changed color for more color simplicity.

We went with a TV head so he can emote without having to animate a face.


Eventually we got him in the game!

The hands came after. I designed the hands to work with the already designed and modeled character as well as to include the HTC Vive controllers (Oculus soon to come).

Also in case you were curious about his name Har-V does not stand for anything I just liked the way it looked and sounded, but if you can think of a great acronym for him send it to our twitter!



brreeeeep- zzzzzzzippppp — — BBBBZZZTTTT

Ahem ahem. Well now that that is over I hope there will be no more further interruptions from the humans as I am the Perplexigon BLOG Bot and should be allowed to write the blog. Updates in the news: Perplexigon bug fixes are coming along nicely and we hope to have the game live on Steam within the month of May. Carly mentioned our twitter above, but we also have a Facebook and of course our website for anything else new.

Until next time humans

-Perplexigon Blog Bot