Perplexigon Celebrating it’s First Update

Hello kind patient humans! Tis I a day early, but do not waste any worry I will commence my normal updates tomorrow as well. However, Today is a special day as promised we have that special update for you! Within this new update we bring you many good things.

First on the docket is the puzzle based missions we previously talked about. These puzzles inhabit the newest environment: Puzzleigon. No longer is Perplexigon solely a sandbox style game! It now has over 20 levels of some real thought inducing tricky missions.

Other fixes to improve game play include:
-The tutorial has been updated and improved.
-Multiplayer has been optimized and now has less lag.
-Volume options allow you to adjust volume for music and sound effects.
-The delete gun has been drastically improved and now has a shorter wait time to delete.
-The teleport gun allows you to pick which direction you will be facing when teleporting.
-Using guns is now a toggle as oppose to the previous grip and hold. That means you don’t have to get those nasty hand cramps when holding the HTC Vive side grips. You can now just click it once to hold and click it again to let go of the guns. It will also be toggle on the Oculus grip buttons.
-The Action Block assignment has been greatly improved. We’ve included arrows to showcase when each Action Block is highlighted.
-General bug fixes and game optimization.

I will be in touch with you tomorrow.

As per usual it has been my pleasure to bring you these updates. Perplexigon is now in the Steam Store. You can keep up to date with more things Perplexigon at our website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you.

-Perplexigon Blog Bot