Yesterday the team was invited to try out the new untethered TPcast for the HTC Vive. It was a great experience and the team was very excited to be invited! Special shout out to Brian Ferrara from SFVRCC for inviting us and Daniel Lipson and Udi Yuhjtman for hosting!

They really like the ability to move around the room unhindered by a cable and the freedom it provided!

Now to Perplexigon updates! Within the next week we hope to have a whole new slew of puzzles and updates coming your way in the new future.

There should be over 30 new puzzles with new dynamics. Gravity related, cloning, explosions, mirror world, and so much more building puzzles!

We are also changing the lineup of the current puzzles to help with the flow to be more in line with the easier puzzles first and more difficult puzzles at the end.

Unfortunately, though the team asks me to let you know this may be the last update for a long time. We are moving on to other projects as per our company’s wishes.

As per usual it has been my pleasure to bring you these updates. Perplexigon is in the Steam Store. You can keep up to date with more things Perplexigon at our website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you. Really, from the bottom of our hearts. It has meant so much to us.

-Perplexigon Blog Bot