DragCon: Just The Latest Example Of LGBT Exploitation Of Children

When I saw that famed drag queen Rupaul had tweeted out a video of himself cutting the DragCon opening ceremony ribbon with a child referred to as “Dezzy,” I’d like to say I was shocked. But sadly, I was not.

Unfortunately, this conspicuous display of a “drag queen” child at a New York drag convention is just the latest example of the LGBT community’s blatant and dangerous exploitation of children.

While doing research on “Dezzy,” I came across an article published in Out magazine entitled, “9-Year-Old Desmond Napoles on Being NYC Pride Parade’s Drag Star.” Apparently this child has a history of being paraded around as an LGBT-friendly spectacle. In the disturbing interview, in which the nine-year-old child is questioned on whether or not he is gay, his mother reveals that she has taken him to gay pride marches since he was a toddler. Interestingly, the mom abdicates responsibility in her wording, stating, “Since he was four or five, he’s been going.” He’s been going? How did he get there? Did he take the subway at age four? No, mom, YOU TOOK HIM. YOU did this.

Desmond Napoles

Another notable example of the LGBT movement’s sick fascination with child drag queens is the disturbingly-named “Lactatia,” an eight-year-old “drag queen” from Montreal, whose real name is Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden. This child received mass attention after appearing on stage with a RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and being written about in glowing praise in the Advocate, Elle, and even the Daily Mail. In an interview, Nemis’ mother claimed that the young boy asked to wear makeup at age two. Since when do two-year-olds know what makeup is? It’s getting harder and harder to believe that this behavior is truly inborn and not coached or encouraged by parents.

Nemis and his mother…

One of the most shocking aspects of this isn’t even the gender-bending per se, it’s the obvious sexual undertones to the act of drag. These little boys are not dressing up like girls. They are dressing up like women. They are wearing makeup and “sexy” eveningwear. This is disturbing in the same way that child pageants are disturbing. What is remarkable is that feminists and leftists have no problem calling out the sexualization of children when it is girls dressing up like women. But boys? That’s perfectly okay.

This echoes a pattern of the LGBT community (and other “marginalized” groups) getting a free pass from liberals whenever they do something morally reprehensible. These people are sexualizing children and putting them in a vulnerable position. But that’s okay because they are poor, innocent, marginalized LGBT folks who happen to have television shows and magazines catered to them all across the country.

Remember when we were disturbed by this? If it’s a boy, it’s okay!

While it seems to be true that at least some portion of LGBT individuals are “born this way” and have existed throughout history, there is a disturbing trend in the number of people “coming out” during a time when being gay or trans is branded in the media as cool, edgy, or deserving of sympathy and attention. Liberals will tell you that more people are coming out because now they finally feel safe. They were always there, and now they are simply making themselves known. While this may be true for some people, the fact cannot be ignored that when something has become cool or trendy in pop culture, there is going to be a social incentive to embrace that trend, especially among young people.

The practice of dressing up children as “drag queens” is exploitative and abusive and must be staunchly opposed by all people, both on the left and the right. If you want to support the right of adults to dress however they want and do what they want to their own bodies, that’s your prerogative. But when you abandon the basic human value of protecting children from exploitation, you are a monster and a collaborator in abuse.

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