Please do be specific

I’m sorry people are not responding positively to your proposal. Don’t lose hope.

Please do be specific
I don’t see how you arrive at no one owing anyone anything, but if you are intent on a world without money, that would be a position to take
We are not born fully functional, so we owe our life to the care given by someone
It may be difficult to notice, with the inconsistent provision of services, but our continued survival is statistically improved by public services, and the random acts of support provided by other humans

Ok, debt is a concept arrived at as a result of early civilization trying to make sense of the bounty they were surrounded by and how individuals of that civilization could “deserve” such bounty. (see Graeber’s Debt: The First 5,000 Years).

It is true that we aren’t born fully physically functional. However, going goes beyond the concept of “debt” one must ask: what was/is before we were/are born? And where did all this bounty come from and why?

What I have realized is this physical framework we call reality is constantly being renewed by conscious focus, of which we are all playing a part. We individual instantiations of eternal consciousness choose both the circumstances and the “time” in which we come into this physical framework and while here, we are constantly creating “more” of this framework as we react to it in cooperation with every other point of consciousness that is extant within and without the framework.

This physical framework (including our physical bodies) is a direct result of our collective, ongoing conscious focus upon it. Those who came before us benefit from our existence in now, as our focus upon it enriches both it and the experiences of those who came before. Those who came before still exist, some thriving in this physical framework, others, thriving in other “realities”.

In other words All That Is is a collective, cooperative, expansive endeavor that has never had a beginning and will never have an end. There is no debt to anyone because each of us is cooperatively co-creating the experience including the framework and all in it. Individuals owe no one anything. This is not a callous, libertarian statement, for in the absence of debt there is love — a loving consciousness that is boundless and imbues every instance of consciousess wether it is a rock, plant, duck or a human being.

All that said, we are all benefiting from those who came before but we don’t owe them because they, still alive and expressing their own perspective, benefit right now from our collective experience here in this physical framework.

Simultaneously, we have all been here before (many times) and so we now are benefiting from our own “past” experiences/contributions along with the quadrillions (and more) points of consciousness that come and go “before” and “after” us in a continual (multidimensional) circular “give-and-take” that is the “breath of All That Is”.

There is no debt. Debt, is a construct created to convince you you owe something to another so you feel a sense of obligation, filial peity (obedience). You don’t owe.

(But you did ask… :-))

Characteristics that are mollified though are scarcity, which is the big one, and coercion, which is enabled by scarcity

Scarcity is a fiction created by money. I can explain. Coercion is a force (power) created by the transferrable nature of money and the dynamic which grants necessities only to those who accumulate enough money to afford them. Until you eliminate the transferrable nature of money, you can’t rid society of scarcity. But you can’t eliminate the transferrable nature of money because money, by definition, must be transferrable.

The characteristics I’m referring to are:

  1. Transferrability
  2. Physical object
  3. Amorality

Fiddling with trying to “improve” a money or a monetary based system, IMO, will fail to solve problems inherent in these three characteristics. I can fill in details if you want. These elements cause tremendous problems. They are at the heart of every single one of humanity’s problems. Money is not “a” problem. It is “the” problem.

If I have my way, money will not remain in any form whatsoever. Not as a form of accounting. Not as a way of restricting access to abundant necessities. The money we are using is a problem. And a major one. It must go.

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