Oh, just looked at the Copiosis, and I really don’t like the idea of a massive bureaucracy telling…

Oh, just looked at the Copiosis, and I really don’t like the idea of a massive bureaucracy telling me what my efforts are worth…

The model you are looking at is subtle and complex. You are being told what your efforts are worth today. That’s what pay is. This “massive bureaucracy” is not telling you what your efforts are worth. An algorithm is. It is designed (by me) to account for all the objective and subjective criteria necessary to determine how beneficial (or not) one’s output is, measured by how much one’s output makes life on earth better or not. That’s a far cry better than how your efforts are measured today.

…and calling money something else doesn’t eliminate it

You might want to do more research. Money has a particular definition and a specific function. NBR doesn’t fit that definition not does it function in the same way. Yes, money is eliminated.

I don’t see that much government control as an improvement, and why should we believe that any such control mechanism will be any less corrupt than the current system?

Again, more research. There is no government in this model. Government governs. This “massive bureaucracy” doesn’t govern. All it does is collect data and feed it to an algorithm. Is that what a government does?

Those who rise to the positions of judging others will be the same who judge others now, and their judgments are more likely problematic than not

There is no judging either. Only measuring. The measuring is not accomplished by people. It’s accomplished by a math formula.

The current system at least has the judgment of the market, as to what product has value, usefulness

Seriously? “Judgement of the market” is judgment by humans. You are being judged today. There is no “rising” to position of judging others in Copiosis. Again, do more research of the model. Or not. Either way, these conclusions you’re drawing are symptomatic of being conditioned by today’s society, while simultaneously being blind to the conditioning. Copiosis has none of the things you claim are there.

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