Goodbye Democracy and Capitalism
Floris Koot

While I agree with most of what you’ve written here, and support the need to retire capitalism, I think you’re off on the cause of our problem. But more importantly, the solution you’ve outlined sounds pretty, but hardly practical.

We at Copiosis not only have the solution I think you’re tangentially pointing at, we’ve also created a specific, seven phase, practical transition plan that leaves the one-percent whole, spurs innovation and creative, eliminates all debt for everyone and also provides food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare for all humanity. We do all this without any wealth transfers, seizing assets, opposing anything or anyone.

There are 19 demonstration projects declared around the world exploring how Copiosis would look in realty. Two of those wrapped this summer in Oregon and California. Our work is worth the look. People are saying remarkable things about it.