Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

I am sorry, but you are wrong. Any decent man out there might look at a pretty lady with the same admiration that he would for a very striking car, or a woman might do at a beautiful dress in a shop window. This does not mean he intends to steal or even buy the car, never mind raping the lady that caught his eye. In fact this same decent man would gladly die protecting any woman from getting raped. But how do we know for sure that the man looking at a pretty woman is a decent man? How can you know in a public place like a mall? How can you control a public place to make sure there are only decent men? You can’t. And this is why I will never allow my daughters to look like they are “advertising”. This has nothing to do with blaming the victim. Until you can guarantee that all the men in your mall will be decent, your argument is pointless. There are bad men and women out there, sorry.

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