Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

With all due respect, the point stands that many presentations featured, talked about and sometimes outright promised features that did not exist in any way, shape or form.

I’m sorry, I realize you’ve met a lot of people from Hello Games and it’s probably not very pleasant to see them thrown under a bus for what they’ve done or what Sean Murray has said, but that’s not something the customer has to care about. It just isn’t.

The game presented before the launch is not remotely representative of the final product and Sean — as well as Sean Murray and Sony as a whole — did nothing to address the missing features or things that maybe were not a lie but were pulled for whatever reason related to difficulties during development.

Those missing features were not removed the week before launch so they had all the time in the world to more accurately represent the product but they chose not to for one reason or another. And the customer will feel lied to and they have every right to.

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