Spirituality has everything to do with Quantum Mechanics, quantum mechanics explains how the world…

Ash you seem to believe that our perception of the universe, and hence our own knowledge about the universe is actually the universe, which it is not. The universe is not what we perceive it to be, it is what it is, whether you like it or not.

Let me start off with Physics once again. Physics is not subjective to whoever is studying it, it is objective. Physics is not something that you take your own interpretation from (I say this from a layman perspective), the laws of Physics are going to be the same to you and everyone else on earth, wheter you like it or not.

Physics is true even if you don’t think it is, and that is the point that you’re missing.

You say never stop questioning, that is something I wholly agree with, but you don’t seem to agree with what you’ve said. Right now I’m questioning what you’ve proposed, but you don’t seem to be questioning what you’re describing. If you truly belive what you’ve said, then why not stop and ask “Hey why do I feel this connection. There’s something deeper here, how can I explain this?”. Why not dive deeper and attempt to explain what you proclaim as “something deeper”? If there really is some provable connection or something probably deeper that we cannot recognize (which I strongly don’t think is the case) , why not attempt to find out what it is, instead of labelling it as something you think it could be and leaving it as is.

As an aside. That feeling that you feel when you are meditating is most likely triggered by the release of chemicals in your brain caused by relaxation of brain activity and complex thought function. You have essentially taken this release of chemicals in your brain as a sign of “something deeper” and linked it to spirituality for some reason.

Possible questions you could ask :

“What could possibly cause this? “

“Why does this happen? “

“How does this happen. How does this process work? “

“Can I develop an explanation for this that matches my observation? “

These are questions that Physicists ask all the time. Questioning is the basis of the scientific method, embracing “something deeper” which cannot be observed (for example felt by anyone, ) and proclaiming it as spirituality is not increasing anyone’s knowledge of the world in any shape or form, nor

I believe it is you not I who have stopped questioning. Never stop questioning Ash.

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