10 Simple Ways to Change Your Perspective

Everyday annoyances can actually be gifts

I bought happy pins to help spread positivity.

You may look at me and see chaos. I look at myself and see a full life. Glass half empty or half full? Make mine full of beer.

Here is how I try to reframe everyday annoyances and turn them into positives:

1. A pile of brown bananas? I see ingredients for banana bread.

2. Heaps of laundry? I see colorful clothes that helped us work hard and play hard.

3. Toothpaste globs on the sink? I see pretty, white teeth smiling at me.

4. Sand in the car? I remember that fantastic beach trip last month.

5. Blankets strewn on the sofas? I see cuddles and movie night.

6. Dog hair everywhere? I see lots of love.

7. Fingerprints on the refrigerator? I see self-sufficient kids making their own snacks.

8. Bins overflowing in the garage? I see Christmas lights, ski gear, Halloween costumes, Easter baskets, and camping supplies.

9. Muddy soccer cleats? I see a well-played game.

10. A garbage disposal full of popcorn kernels? I hear the leftover fun from movie night.

Reframing annoyances helps me to be more mindful and grateful every day.