I Have Sunflower Envy

Ah. The sunflower, so beautiful and bold.

The sunflower is the idyllic summer-to-autumn flower. Sunflowers are bright and sunshiny. They are bold and stand tall. And they make thousands of babies.

I love sunflowers. Except. I can’t grow them.

I have sunflower envy.

Believe me, I try every year. I plant hundreds of seeds and tuck them into the soil with love and care. I sprinkle top soil on top for good measure. Then I water the babies.

Every spring, the birds perch on their front-row branches to catch the show. The I-can’t-grow-sunflowers-show. They proceed to have a seed smorgasbord when I leave.

The funny thing is, sunflowers can grow anywhere. I have seen them thrive in the driest of abandoned lots.

Last year, my daughter and I tried zinnias. We planted hundreds of seeds and tucked them into the soil with love and care. We sprinkled top soil on top for good measure. Then we watered the babies.

We waited. And waited. Watered. And waited.

Their sprouts poked through the soil and they grew all summer! In July, they made their rainbow debut. Crimson. Orange. Magenta. Lavender. Yellow. Peach. Hundreds of zinnias greeted us every day. I picked bouquet after bouquet and they continued to thrive.

After witnessing our zinnia bounty, there might be zinnia envy.

Our zinnia bounty.