I Want To Be A Sea Turtle

Mornings with a family of five are more like swimming against the current, with sharks

Perfectly peaceful in Maui, April 2017.

Exploring coral reefs amidst colorful fish and the ever-so-peaceful honu, the native Hawaiian green sea turtle, was how we began each day on recent Maui vacation.

Snorkeling is not something I do on a typical morning at home with my family of five. More like swimming against the current. With sharks. Mornings are stress filled: early alarms, children, showers, breakfasts, lunches, out the door and off to school and work…go!

Meanwhile, the honu is floating, gliding, relaxed.

Hawaiians regard the sea turtle as a symbol of wisdom. Sea turtles are graceful and calm and seem to know a thing or two about life. They go with the flow. They hypnotize you with their peaceful ways. We spotted at least two sea turtles at each snorkel outing. Each time was magical, dreamy, and meditative. I was transformed.

I want to be a sea turtle.

The honu is also a symbol of good luck. A reptilian survivor from the age of dinosaurs and that can be traced back 150 million years. Good luck indeed.

At home, I am not very sea turtle-ish. I am a worrier. A multitasker. A planner.

Some days, I am drowning.

Vacation. It’s a wonderful thing. I took a break from real life and returned refreshed. I came home with amazing family memories, a fun pineapple-print purse, and a bit of honu.

Peace and calm that lasted about as long as my tan.