I Was On Top Of The World

This hike is in the Gorge, high above the Columbia River.

Two friends invited me to go on a hike. On a Tuesday. Right in the middle of work.

I can’t hike. I have to work.

But the wildflowers! They are in bloom right now! If we don’t go today, we’ll miss them!

They were right. Timing was everything. It was a small window of opportunity. I seized it.

I can’t work. I have to hike.

And so, I did. We did. When we spotted the yellow wildflowers at the summit, after a two-hour hike up, it was like Dorothy and her friends first encountering the poppy fields on their journey to the Emerald City. Magical! Squeal!

Nature, friendships, and exercise were the perfect excuse not to work that day. Work will still be there but the blooming flowers may not. In fact, their typical lifespan is a few days. Fleeting.

That moment at the summit? I was on top of the world.

The wildflowers were fleeting. Soak them in while you can!