If You Give A Child A Paintbrush

The classroom was transformed into an art studio.

I teach art to elementary students once a month. One day, the fourth graders learned about Impressionism, Claude Monet, and his famous Water Lilies series.

We also learned a thing or two about empowering ourselves. Empowering ourselves to create, have confidence, and to try new things.

Everyone is an artist! I beamed.

We simply needed: a paintbrush, five acrylic paints, a blank canvas or paper, and an open mind. Check out YouTube for some great techniques.

What transpired that day? Creativity. Magic. Pride.

With paintbrushes in hand, the children made little brush strokes. Just like Monet. First the water, then the trees, then the lily pads, then the water lilies. The classroom was magically transformed into an art studio. The children were buzzing with ooohs and ahhhs, amazed at their creations.

Each child was an artist.

There is no right or wrong way! You’re the artist! I encouraged.

Each painting was different. Each was unique. Each was a masterpiece.

The children were amazed at their creations.

I, too, was bursting with pride. As the children washed their brushes and lined up for lunch, I lingered. I hovered over the paintings to soak each one in.