Today I Peed My Pants

A jog with my dog.

A jog with my dog was more than exercise. It was a lesson in letting go.

It is fall. The trees are abound with color. Trees all around are dropping red leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves. It is a season of transition.

I had practiced yoga the day before, and was reminded to let go of what I don’t need, what I don’t want. The teacher told us to breathe in love, exhale self judgement.

Running down the hill, the urge began. I had to pee. What began as a slight need quickly became something I couldn’t hold in. It started as a trickle then became a full, all-out release. All the way down my leg.

I emptied my entire bladder while standing on the sidewalk.

What did I do? We kept running. Because one thing I am learning about life is letting go and moving forward.