WARNING : On this blog you can expect phylosophy, art, life, passion, music, fight for dreams,
fight for life, science, management, digital media marketing, metaphysic…


Fuck yeah.
This is my first blog post, or however is the fucking name of this.
I don’t do blogs, vlogs or other.
I do cinema, video production and music.
Also, I don’t know english very well, so, take that in mind.
Thank you.

I am an artist.
Now you are asking yourselves: Why the fuck I read about another “wannabe” artist, one of the milions. The answer is — I don’t fucking know why you are here. If you believe in that “Everything is happening with reasons”, maybe that’s your answer. That would be mine for sure. Because, how the fuck I got one visitor on my blog? I don’t do commercials and sponshorships. I believe in word of mouth and right place in right time AND right content to offer.
I do have a content for you.
My content is my music and my life phylosphy.
I do believe that I can help you, because I believe in my purpose, I recall to my artistic call and I know that I can help you, or at least give and advice.
Who the fuck am I to give you advices? I don’t.
I am just giving away some advices and you runed on them maybe because you need them, or maybe because you are looking for them. That’s a good thing. The great thing is when you realise your needs and make them your wishes. Then your life is changeing. Then you are starting to take control over your life. That point is where I am now, and maybe my opinions over my experience can help you to be few steps ahead in your life. I can help you be here, but for further maybe I could help you later… I havn’t been there yet!

Where I am now?

I am about to release my debut music album Akashic Record (work name), and I still don’t have a stage name. I am not worried about that. I was breaking my head to figure it out, but I guess it’s not time for that yet. It will come utnil the release date. It must. So, that’s why I don’t wory.
I also don’t wory about my music, because it’s pretty good. No, I am not immodest. Songs I made on this album are fucking great, the best ever — will be maybe immodest. But, my songs are pretty good.
I know that because I’m not an idiot, I can hear that. How? Because this 14 songs are not my first 14 songs I made in my life. I made over 100 songs and thousands of instrumentals. So in consideration for this album was around hundred instrumentals I made past two years, and I picked five of them, and made nine new while I was in this process. I am pretty much perfectionist. But, yes, absolutely. You are right. This only means that I am aware that these are the best 14 songs I made in my life so far, but still it doesn’t guarantee that they are pretty good. Who guarantee that? Many people who listened to my songs and my intuition. Wich opinion is more important? They both are. You need to find a balance. So… I guess that you understood for now what is the subject of my writting.
It IS about my music, I don’t say it’s not… and why the fuck not? That’s who I am. I am my music.
And the other thing I am is — I am a human. And this is one hell of the way for a human — to be an artist. And THAT is the purpose why I am writting this blog. Not to promote my music primarly — I will promote it for sure, on ytb and other shit, but here… I want to share with you my hell of the way and to motivate you to do the same. Believe me, everything is possible if you are capable for everything. I will tallk about that.
You can expect phylosophy, art, life, passion, science, management, digital media marketing, metaphysics… Everything that can be seen in this life and should be. So you are welcome on my board, to join my way of making the dreams come true. I will share everything I can with you to make your life better, and by that I am making my happier.
We WILL see soon.