The Fitbit Onboarding Experience

I finally caved and got a Fitbit. Here’s a few things I noticed about my experience:

  • “To start, download the Fitbit app.” I think printed user manuals are ridiculous in this day in age so I was pleased to see a very simple paper insert pointing to the app. Honestly though, a sticker might have sufficed.
  • Choosing my birthdate during onboarding brought me to a screen I was not expecting but I liked. It was intuitive to scroll and select. I’m always intrigued to see how UX designers decide on birthday selection design.
  • In similar fashion, choosing my height was also a unique experience. This interface was even easier to use.
  • And lastly, selecting my weight was simple. With the prior two screens, I expected such at this point.
  • I forgot to take more screenshots as the onboarding continued, but it was overall a decent experience.