In Software Engineering, Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban or XP are not golden tickets to success, otherwise everyone would be using them exactly as their frameworks prescribe. Having the right principles is the most important yet most overlooked aspect of building a successful function and business (after people of course!).

I’ve worked for numerous large companies where Agile transformations have been attempted, either wholesale across the board or in small pockets. …

My three golden rules

When I was young I used to hate speaking in front of people. Whether it was an audience of two or twenty two I would do anything to avoid the attention.

I remember being in a French class at middle school where the teacher caught me using my favourite tactic…

A few months ago I resurrected my personal blog on It’s a great platform for building websites of all kinds, and I've used it off and on for years.

The problem I found was that whenever I went to write a blog they were just way too long, and as I reviewed my posts I lost interest or spent too long trying to make them more interesting, always fearing that I was just ranting.

As a content consumer I adore Medium. It has become the most used app on my iPhone, or maybe joint most used along with Twitter. So I've decided to switch, hoping that the (usually) shorter posts here will encourage me to create more relevant and interesting content myself.

If this attempt fails, I'm done with personal blogging! Wish me luck.

Pete Coulter


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