Hey Apple, gratz on killing some plastic, but could you kill the rest please? kthnx

I can't wait for Apple Pay to come to the UK.

It’s a great solution, but it’s not quite a killer solution, yet. I say this because they've only fixed one part of the problem and I'm greedy, I want the whole thing. So when I pay via Apple Pay I want everything else involved in the transaction to auto-magically happen.

Apple have worked hard to make that happen with my card provider — but I want everything from the retailer too. How cool would it be to pay with Apple Pay and then get supermarket loyalty points updated, or Starbucks rewards pushed to your Starbucks account, all triggered in the single action of using Apple Pay. No loyalty cards, no separate payment apps, that’s a great customer experience and would really kill my wallet.

I'm sure Tim Cook is a regular reader of my posts so Tim if you could sort that ASAP I'd be really grateful.

- Pete