‘Phoenix Greenways’? What’s that?

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes of destruction the ‘Phoenix Greenways’ is just that: The phoenix — a delightfully pleasant area of nature-friendly green land; The destruction — the remains of the coal mining industry.

The largest concentration of coal mining activity throughout the UK…

30 years ago the biggest employer in my local area of the UK was undoubtedly the coal mining industry, the whole atmosphere had the aura of the extraction of this prized mineral from the seams far below ground. …

Unfortunately the demise of the coal mining industry in the UK during the 1980’s resulted in massive redundancy for many, who having not really experienced or trained in any other profession found themselves jobless, in financial struggle, and forced to re-train in another profession and start again from scratch. However…

Pete Etheridge

Little grey-haired fella who loves the countryside, nature, and walking. Interested in local history (particularly industrial heritage) and history in general.

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