People Think I’m Creepy & I Don’t Know How To Fix It
Duke Harten

Firstly ignore Ron Collins. Everyone’s entitled to want companionship in life, it’s just how you go about it that not everyone has down to a t (at least you admit to this showing humility, which is probably an alien concept to ol’ Ron).

Ron seems like the sort of guy that’s read a few blogs on equal rights and taken away a philosophy fed through his own macho ridden confirmation bias that’s basically the verbal equivalent of him berating and flushing the nerd kids head down the toilet during recess (‘being a man is all but illegal to begin with’ please, you’re not fooling anyone with that sexist nonsense Ron).

All I’m saying is, don’t let anybody make you feel guilty about who you are. So you’re not that good at chatting women up; who cares? Those PUA guys are the real creeps (I mean, basing your whole existence and personality on essentially ‘tricking’ women into bed is pretty gross and makes you kind of a phony). As long as you’re not purposefully making women uncomfortable and knowing when to walk away that’s fine. It really just comes down to common sense at the end of the day (i.e. approaching a woman in a packed bar, stammering and getting rebuffed; acceptable and you’ll live…approaching a woman alone at night with nobody else around; not acceptable and you should probably rethink your life if you’re doing that).

I know it’s a cliche, but just be confident with who you are, as then you’ll find someone who you’ll actually click with. Just try talking to women as you would with anyone and whatever will be will be.

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