Announcing the People-Centered Internet Newsletter

I’m pleased to announce the People-Centered Internet Newsletter.

In our inaugural issue, you will find insights from Internet Hall of Fame members Vint Cerf and Steven Huter; Cosmin Gheorghe, an expert in cultural intelligence; Monique Morrow, author of the forthcoming book The Internet of Women; Manu Bhardwaj of the U.S. Department of State; and PCI Initiative chairs Mei Lin Fung and Gary Bolles.

As PCI Initiative Chairman Vint Cerf says, the initiative aims … “to vector Internet evolution steadily towards increasing benefit for the users of the Internet.” This worthy goal offers many facets to explore. In this issue, you’ll find discussion of the United Nations’ recently-published Sustainable Development Goals, the U.S. State Department’s Global Connect initiative, and how such efforts can help us collectively make the Internet a bit more inviting, inclusive, and relevant to all.

Please join us in that exploration, by reading and subscribing to the newsletter, and — better yet — sending us your ideas and contributions for future issues!

Participants in the inaugural meeting for the PCI Initiative, October 2015. Photo by Bill Daul, published under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0).