Wikimedia Foundation — Back to its roots
Nimish Gåtam

Nimish, what you’re talking about here is exactly the kind of leadership that exists (in small pockets) and should be cultivated throughout the Wikimedia ecosystem. Your proposal is an excellent starting point. Ideally, you should just post that yourself, and seek input; if there is substantial buy-in, the Foundation should be responsive to that. The problem, though (as you discuss) is that the Foundation’s ability to perceive and prioritize things like this has never been developed. So, why would somebody like you take the risk of putting it out there, if the possibility looms large that even a successful discussion would get ignored, or corrupted?

In spite of all that, the “risk” really isn’t that huge. I’d strongly encourage you to post it on Meta Wiki as an RfC, and see where things go. I’d be happy to work with you on that if you’d like.

Update: I just published a blog post that explores the same themes in Wikimedia Foundation leadership.

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