CRRP Exploratary Draft

Genre of For The Win

In the 1920’s, the movement of YA literature has grown exponentially. The genre of YA fiction is one of the top sellers these days. Stephenie Meyer, a writer of Twilight series, and Suzanne Collins, a writer of Hunger Game, have big impact on the movement of YA literature, and both writers have the same genres as YA fiction. YA is an abbreviation word of young adult, and it means that the genre of YA literature is mainly focused on young adult. YA literature can be educational as For The Win of Corry Doctorow. Corry Doctorow, a Canadian British blogger, journalist, and science fiction author, is the writer of For The Win. In For The Win, Doctorow brings the idea of macroeconomics progressing the story by using science fiction style. The main characters are the game player in the imagined world. Hence, For The Win is more like YA science fiction. There is a similar case in another book, Hunger Game. The writer of Hunger Game, Suzanne Collins, defines her pieces of writing as YA science fiction. It is one of the popular books in YA science fiction, and it is also made of the movie. Although many people in society think of YA literature as not part of the genre, YA literature has its own unique components by itself.

Cory Doctorow’s For The Win is released in May 2010, and it is combined with the two different styles; science fiction, and education. He put these two sources, and he is mainly focused on young adults. The main characters in this book are all teenagers. There are three different teenagers within different situations, and they are the game player. The game which they play is very similar to the real world. The game world has the same system of the real world, and shows how the main characters achieve their goal in the game. In addition, Doctorow put educational sources in his book, For The Win. He basically explained about the idea of macroeconomics in the game world, and the main character understood what they learn or recognize about the system of economics in the game. One quote from For The Win,

“In the real world, arbitrageurs don’t drag around bananas … they snap up that underpriced item, mark it up, and sell it.” (PDF33 Doctorow) As we can see this quote, Doctorow put narration about the real world’s economics for young adults. Throughout all the above sources, For The Win is very close to YA science fiction genre.

One of the popular books, Hunger Game, is also YA science fiction, and makes YA fictions as the top level these days. This book is one of the best sellers for a long time, and the movie was published in the series. I never noticed that Hunger Game is the YA literature during the reading. However, if all main characters are teenagers, then we can consider it as YA style. There are so many teenagers fight each other like a survival system. Additionally, most YA fiction has first person viewpoint. Hunger Game is also written in the voice of 16 years old. Hence, Suzanne Collins totally thinks her piece of writing as the YA fiction, because her writing style and contents are such as the textbook of the YA literature. All information follows the rule of YA literature.

As I mentioned above, For The Win and Hunger Game have their own structure, style, and content. Their components seem different from other genre. It is enough that we can say that there is YA literature, and we can consider it as a new genre.


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