The room is dark.

Water is rising quickly from the earth through the porous slab of the temple.

Nuns are peaceful amidst the storm.

Lightning flashes a broad smile.

Thunder claps with delight.

I join in to take part.

That’s what we do.

It is instinctual.

One chalice at a time, we return the water from the temple to the earth.

We help water find her way home through ordinary means.

A bucket.

Do not fear my beloved.

You are part of the plan.

(GoranH — Pixabay)

Charitable work can be insanely intense. The buzz on the street is all about fundraiser burnout. The best and the brightest perishing because they gave their all.

Do you have a billion and one things on your mind? Is your way unclear? Are the problems in your organization happening because other people and other departments messed up big time? …

Larisa K. — Pixabay

In the busyness of the world, let us focus on light. There will always be things to do. On that, you can always rely. Important to remember this.

After you have unpacked; after you are handed the diploma; after children have passed milestones of the material world; and after every…

The reality we must accept, and not bemoan, is that social service nonprofits cannot compete with for-profit corporate salaries and benefit packages. Social service employers would like to pay employees what they are worth. They would if they could. There is a public assumption that those who work for the…

You may see obstacles and limitations. Leave behind assumptions and look with the beginner’s mind. We find what we look for and expect. Our experience colors our perspective.

What Is Your Core Mission?

The most powerful action you can take every workday is asking yourself this fundamental question.

Are your actions and programming in line…


Full article on NonProfit PRO

December 11, 2018

At year-end, we are focused on that last push. December is a critical month.

Take a moment to step away from the madness and gain perspective.

Fundraising can be especially intimidating and discouraging for leaders of both new and small organizations. It…

If you are about to embark on a Quest, hold up.

I am going to make your life so much easier…

The first question I ask my clients:

Is there a consolidated place for basic information about your organization and its programs?

The majority say no.

Get your information consolidated in one place that is accessible to everyone on the team…

Pete Kimbis

Pete is a grant writer and a specialist in nonprofit development. Keep it simple. Keep it clear. Know what you want. Pause. Breathe. Move forward.

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