My Favorite Country In The World

When Connie and I talk to people about the countries we’ve visited and the ones we’ve lived in we often get asked, “Which is you favorite?”

Well, first of all, we cherry pick the places we travel to so we like all of them. Thailand and Belize are both high on the list and for very similar reasons: great weather and very friendly people. But neither is my favorite country.

There is one country I love the most. Here’s why:

  • It has over one billion English speaking people
  • One hundred percent of them use a computer, a smart phone or both
  • The annual economy is over $1-trillion and growing much faster than any other country, including China
  • It’s teeming with middle class consumers who are spending at an accelerating rate
  • It has less business regulation than laissez faire countries like Singapore and Hong Kong
  • It is an utterly equal opportunity country for women, minorities, the disabled, very young or very old persons

Sound good?

The country I’m talking about is called, The Internet. And it’s the one country I know I will never leave for the rest of my life.

There are three billion people online and they represent only about 40% of the possible total population. The total commerce conducted is less than 5% of the worldwide total and it’s growing fast. The growth rate of users in the last fifteen years is a staggering 740%.

Can you think of a better place on this earth to earn a living? Detroit? Sheffield? Winnipeg? I don’t think so.

The best news is, these are still early days. When I started my first website in 1996, it was too early. Ha! I had to tell my friends what the Internet was. Ten years later the early adopters were using the Internet in big numbers but but it wasn’t as ubiquitous and pervasive as it is now.

Today the infrastructure has matured and people use the Internet seamlessly and adopt new products, services and technologies quickly. This is the foundation upon which a massive amount of commerce will be conducted.

There has never been a better time to become a full, productive member of this magnificent new frontier of individual freedom and personal opportunity.

The Takeaway

There’s a place with an economy that’s been absolutely booming for twenty years and is still nowhere near its upper limit of growth. It’s filled with affluent, middle class consumers who speak English. And it offers an equal opportunity, low-regulation environment open to anyone of any age, race, nationality or level of ability.