Young people as agents ofΒ change

Last week DFID published our new youth strategy

A key part of this approach is our aspiration to see young people as agents of change, delivering development. Seeing young people as development actors rather than beneficiaries is a an important shift and one that I feel quite a personal connection to.

20 years ago I worked with a inspirational leader who genuinely believed that young people could – and should – lead international development efforts. So much so that he gave a number of us high profile jobs running the organisation he set up. He believed that we could do as well as any of our older colleagues and I am confident that we proved him right.

He has sadly passed away since then, but he would be delighted to see the direction DFID is taking today. He’d, as I am, be extremely proud.

I am looking forward to finding ways to genuinely engage young people in development in Kenya and beyond.

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