I’m sorry but how is a guy who has never average a 90% free throw percentage or a 50% shooting…
Jon Parker

He shot like 39% from 3 before this season, where he was coming off of a knee injury and had didn’t get to play basketball for like 5 months, and then he proceeded to shoot 44% during the playoffs. He shoots 46% from the field and like 86% from the freethrow line for his career. I guess my point is that he’s a borderline elite all around shooter. Steve Francis has exactly one season where he’s shot over 45% from the field, and he scores much fewer points per minute than irving. He gets branded as a lou williams type, but he’s much more efficient than most people when he has the ball, and him trying to score the ball is usually a good thing. As last season’s playoff run (where he was injured) and this year’s playoff run (Where i think he had the 5th highest PER) showed, the good mostly outweighs the bad.

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