No one is ready for a relationship

How can anyone be ready for a relationship?

Who wants to sign up for emotional dependency via daily and weekly updates?

Why would you want to roll your bestfriend, your sexual partner, your mom, your boss, your coach, and your father into one person?

Do you really want to share your economic and emotional assets with any one person?

I get it. It is human nature to look for connection with someone. We want someone to rant about our days with. We want a hug when we come home from a young day.

But you don’t need to seek out an exclusive boyfriend or girlfriend for that.

I get it. Two bank accounts is better than one. Two minds brainstorming ideas are more creative than one. A second perspective could help as you ascend through life.

That said, you can ascend through life at a good rate on your own.

So does anyone ever really sign up for a relationship? It doesn’t really make sense, especially during the era of relationship independence via the internet.

We do it all for a fix on that drug called love.

At some point, I believe that love becomes more important than your independence.

At some point, a person become so important that you can’t see life without them. The thought of them being with someone else is more disgusting than you not being needy and clingy.

I don’t think there is ever a specific time that you know you’ve reached this point. We all just roll the dice hoping that we don’t hate it. Hoping we have the skills to be there for someone like they are there for us.

So is anyone ever really ready for a relationship?

My answer remains no.

As humans, we experience too much growth to even realize it is happening, sometimes.

Our relationships are the same. They are either changing for the better or the worse.

Our dating likes slowly brew into a relationship without even knowing it.

Therefore, relationships are just that natural progression. No one ever see it coming, but hopefully you are skilled enough to make it happen.

Ready or not?

Either way, the hardest things to do are the best for you.

Sometimes, the best rides are the ones you don’t see coming come.

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