I heard something disturbing during the #GRAMMYs commentary…

Thanks kandice, I’d like to echo what others have said, its a great piece and it helps me see music from another perspective. Thats always appreciated in my book. Its a shame that so much weight is given to Grammy acceptance. They’re clearly such antiquated institutions that can’t (and won’t) keep up with meaningful artistic expressions. Not to detract too much from the original theme here, but another statistic that blew my mind was that this year was the first time that David Bowie received a Grammy of musical merit. They gave him one, but its too little too late.

I think Frank Ocean had the right idea, by simply not submitting the album for consideration you’re robbing the Grammys of any relevance they try and grasp onto. Maybe if more artists did that it could set a new standard bearer for appreciation, promote the importance of risk-taking over market trends and put the old institution to bed once and for all.

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