PayPal robbed a disabled person of £6,500 and blocked me when I asked for it back.

My name is Peter McWilliams, I’m 19 and I am disabled. I hate having to use that as a ploy to get people to listen but over the course of this past fortnight, it’s the only thing that’s worked.

Back in 2012, I needed to pay for something online with a website that made it MANDATORY to use PayPal. So while I was reluctant, I made an account, bought the thing I needed and immediately shut the PayPal account down.

13th April 2012:- Account closed.

A couple years ago I started getting too many spam emails so I stopped using that email address.

16th April 2017 (five years basically TO THE DAY my account was closed):- There were three separate top up requests, (The first for £1,500, the second for £2,000, and the third for £3,000, totalling £6,500)

The fact that all these requests were made within seconds of each other, all consecutively larger in a 1,2,3 pattern, combined with the fact that all this happened 5 years basically TO THE DAY I requested the account be closed, makes me believe that this is more an error on PayPals system, like a computing glitch or the site testing a feature on an old “dormant” account that accidentally went wrong or a careless employee, rather than someone hacking into my account. After all, wouldn’t a hacker just go for the full £6,500 all at once? Why stagger it out over three payments like that, in a pattern too? But that’s just my thoughts. As stated before, I stopped using the old email address associated with this PayPal account, so I hadn’t noticed that the three requests were made at this point.

20th April 2017:- The money comes out of my bank account. I’m on disability benefit. I can’t afford to pay an overdraft of £6,500 back.

Instantly I’m on the phone to PayPal. They said there was nothing they could do and recommended that I call my bank and hope that they could block it from going through. So I phoned my bank and asked them to do so, but they said that they would try but couldn’t guarantee it. In the end they blocked the £2,000 and the £3,000 from going through but the £1,500 went through.

Now, I JUST bought a car and have a loan to pay off, this was all happening within literal DAYS of the first payment for my loan being due. Not the first impression I wanted to make with my bank or a detail I wanted on my credit report. I could’ve lost the car and I haven’t even driven it yet.

I call PayPal back and they recommend I change my password, did that immediately, and then they had the audacity to tell me that this was MY fault for being “careless with passwords” even though I shut the account in 2012 and have never given ANYONE one of my passwords. The account shouldn’t even be open at this point. I ask to speak to a manager, and was hung up on. At this point I’m livid. I call back and got a manager, they couldn’t tell me how it happened. All they told me is that when the money was in the PayPal account, which would take about 3 or 4 days, I could just withdraw it back to my bank.

I panicked and set up a GoFundMe so I could get something back in time for my loan payment and start frantically using every social media to get PayPal to notice it. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, email, calling, and no one noticed. In fact it took the PayPal support account about 5 days to even reply to my first message on Twitter.

A few days later, the PayPal account was locked for “fraudulent activity”, meaning I had to upload ID to prove who I was or I wouldn’t be able to withdraw the money. I uploaded ID about 70 times over the course of 6 days and because the site doesn’t work on mobile, it would never go through. Eventually about a week later it went through, they reviewed it and deemed that because I was under 18 when I opened the account, even though I’m 19 now, they locked me out of the account PERMANENTLY and said that I was not entitled to any of the money back. So they’ve taken MY money, for no reason, out of the blue, and told me that I’m not allowed it back. Wtf!

I start tweeting and messaging paypal like a madman at this point. To the point were I was blocked from posting for an hour trying to get them to reply. They were USELESS at helping me. When I DMed them, the asked questions multiple times even though I had answered them very clearly, they actually implied that this was all fake and asked “how did I know this was all happening”, the only useful piece of information they told me was that they cannot re open a closed account. Which tells me they NEVER shut the account when I requested back in 2012.

They were not helping so I decided to get in touch with a higher power in the company like the CEO’s and founders.

They blocked me out too!

No wonder I was hung up on. Their bosses do the same thing. I was going to put in a complaint about being hung up on, but knowing even the very founders of the company do the same thing, what would it do? They all just want to block the problem out and pretend like it’s not happening rather than actually help their customers and deal with stuff. I mean this is one of the most serious problems I’ve ever experienced, and for them to block me tells me that they’ve seen my request for help, they KNOW I’m having a very difficult issue and that their employees aren’t dealing with it, and they basically told me that they don’t care. They could’ve ignored it or not seen it in their countless notifications, but they saw it and blocked me. That’s like drinking a glass of water instead of pouring it on the person in front of you who’s on fire.

There are no words to describe how violated, humiliated and disgusted I feel. And I still haven’t had an apology.

My friends tweeted max levchin and used my disability as a foot in the door, again, I don’t like using it but it works, after all, who wants the bad publicity over stealing money from a disabled person and blocking them.

Sheer deflection. Again, not even noticing the problem, he’d rather pretend it’s not happening and hand it over to someone else. He may not have an operating role but it’s still HIS company, he should make sure his employees are doing their job and he should’ve done the adult thing and made sure his customers problems are fixed when his employees clearly couldn’t fix them. But I guess he’s made his money now. £6,500 is a drop in the ocean of his £300,000,000. He clearly forgot the customers who gave him his money. For us normal people, £6,500 is a lot of money. Years of work and saving for my car and it all could’ve been taken in days because of his company. But who cares about the little guy right? It was only after threatening to sue the company for all they had and disputing the fact that my ID proves who I am instead of focusing on my age that they unlocked the account and I could withdraw the money back, mere HOURS before my loan payment came out. Any later and I would’ve lost everything. I would’ve lost my car, had to file for bankruptcy at the age of 19, that would’ve been my whole life ruined. No mortgage. No rented accommodation. No credit card. No phone contracts. All because of his selfish company.

Max levchin is one of the most corrupt, abhorrently ignorant, selfish people I have ever had the misfortune of coming across and if he’s ever associated with ANY company, they will not be receiving a single PENNY of my money, or my family’s, or my friends’. And I seriously recommend you consider the same.

Share this or don’t. No one else has helped me over this past fortnight so at this point I’m done caring.

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