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New York, USA — 3 October 2016 — Mad Mama New York Blog is a blog about family, love and unity. Becoming a mother is a very challenging and hard task, and sometimes young mothers forget about themselves and dedicate all their time to their child. Of course the newborn baby requires a lot of attention and time from parents, but it is not need to forget about yourself. The main challenge here is to learn to do a lot of tasks at the same time and to find time for everything happening in your life. The Mad Mama New York Blog will become your number one resource because it was created by a young mom living with her child and husband in New York and designated especially for another mums who are now happy to have a newborn baby or toddler and take care about him.

In the Mad Mama New York Blog you will find various reviews, experiences, tricks and tips which may be used to make the life of today’s mother easiest and simplest. On this parenting blog there are following main categories: Parenting, Food, New York and Lifestyle. Parenting is probably the most important category for young parents, because here you will learn some useful tips about parenting, choose of right items for your baby and much more. Only in recent articles you will get idea about how to choose parenting classes or perfect stroller, things you should know being a parent which will help you to educate your child right and ways to fight stress which can appear during motherhood. In category Food you will find various and interesting recipes of meals which can be easily prepared for your child. Besides recipes you will get valuable advices on how to get rid of baby’s fat, why you should stop drinking coffee and what are the free-gluten products you didn’t know about. Category New York will be interesting not only for tourists, but also for native citizens, because there are reviews of amazing coffee shops, attractions you should visit with your family and other posts related to NYC. In the Lifestyle category you will find various articles about nowadays life, shopping, fashion, health and everything which is interesting for young mothers.

About Mad Mama New York Blog:
 Mad Mama New York Blog is a blog created by Alex Kohan, who is a mom of a very beautiful toddler and experienced all happy moments of motherhood. She is sharing her experience of how to be a young mother and write really useful articles which should be read by any parent.

 Company: Mad Mama New York Blog
 Contact Name: Alex Kohan
 Address: 17 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10004

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