When your app idea launches by someone else a couple of weeks before you want to launch

Yup, that totally sucks.

Long story short:
It depends on the situation and how well the competitor has executed it. In my scenario: You drop everything, go for a run and start working on the next thing.

Short story a tiny bit longer:
I had the idea of creating an app where you can keep track of all the things you lend and borrow. I broke down my design process in steps and blogged about it here. You can also see the designs there.

I saw room for this app idea cause the competition was minimal and poorly executed. I started designing and an iOS dev started working on it. All my design work was done. From landing page, design specs, exported assets to social media accounts. I finished designing and an iOS dev was done researching and about to start coding, to be finished in a month. Two weeks ago an app launched which is doing exactly what I wanted to do and they’re doing it extremely well in my opinion. I called the dev and after a couple of curse words we decided to work on the next thing.

Obviously it depends on the quality of the competitor as well. If it’s simply crap or you know you have the budget to overrule them with marketing. Give it all you got and keep going! In this case the app is executed very well and to be fair maybe even better then my designs…

For me, one thing is clear: We’re dropping all the work and start with a clean drawing board. We’re now working an an new idea and I’m gonna tell all about it as soon I’ve got some designs to show you all.

Keep your head up and keep creating epic stuff.

Feedback is always appreciated!

Peter Dijkgraaf


I want to thank Henk, THE iOS dev.