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What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform that allows you to create, test and build electronic gadgets. These gadgets interact with the environment to produce specific digital data and signals.

Arduino Hardware

The Arduino hardware is mainly referred to as the Arduino boards. These boards are open-source, which means that the layouts and production files are available online for certain versions. The following components make up the Arduino boards:

  • MicrocontrollerThis is a 8-bit AVR microcontroller equipped with flash memory. It comes pre-programmed and includes a bootloader that simplifies the upload of software to the flash memory.
  • PinsThe pins on Arduino boards are single or double row. These pins connect to other circuits and allow programming. Some pins can be digital, while others can be analog. The analog pins are used as input on many boards. While the digital pins can produce pulse-width modulated signals, they can also be used to read or write from one state.
  • Serial connectorThe Arduino boards don’t have screens or keyboards so programming code would need to be transferred to another computer. The majority of current Arduino boards are equipped with USB-to-serial adapter chip such as FTDI FT232, which is used to program the microcontrollers.
  • Connector for power:The boards are composed of power-consuming components that require electrical power in order to function. The power connector can supply voltage and current to the board. This is usually a low-voltage AC input plug.
  • Additional features:Other than the components mentioned above, Arduino boards also have important components that help them function. These components include ceramic resonators, linear regulators and crystal oscillators.

Arduino Software

Programming code for Arduino hardware is possible in any programming language, as long as it can compiled to create binary machine code for its target processor. Arduino IDE is a Java program that runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It provides the development environment for Arduino software.

Arduino Common Applications

Some of the most well-known applications of Arduino are:

  • Ardupilot:Hardware and software for an Arduino-based drone
  • Arduboy:A gaming console based on Arduino
  • OpenEVSEOpen source, Arduino-based electric charger
  • XOD:A visual programming language for Arduino

Topics covered under Arduino Assignment Help

Our experts are well-versed in Arduino programming and use. You shouldn’t be concerned about what topics you might find yourself stuck in. Instead, trust us to provide quality solutions. Here is a list of the most difficult topics students face during their studies.

  • Arduino IDE
  • Comparative and logical operators
  • Hardware libraries
  • Memory and arrays
  • Serial and I2C
  • Digital ins and Outs
  • Setup of an IDE board
  • RFID Readers
  • Structure of Arduino C

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We Can Help You With Your Arduino Homework

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