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What are the common Arduino projects?
The Arduino is a great way to learn how to program a microcontroller. It is a small, inexpensive, easy to use device and is used for the development of various projects in education and industry. Arduino projects are so much fun that they have become quite popular. A lot of people today use Arduino for various projects. Here are some of the common projects that can be done with Arduino.
1. Home automation
You can automate your home with the help of Arduino. With the help of Arduino, you can control electronic devices, such as lights, fans, ACs, motors, etc. You can also monitor your home from a remote location. For example, you can turn on the AC when you are at work and turn it off when you are away. You can monitor your home through a web cam and you can also control the devices through mobile phones.
2. Arduino robot
You can build a robot with the help of Arduino. The robot can be remote controlled or it can move based on the inputs that it receives. You can also use it for other purposes such as surveillance.
3. Arduino controlled car
You can build a car with Arduino. It can be remote controlled or can move based on the inputs it receives. You can also use it for other purposes such as surveillance.
3. Arduino home automation system
You can build your own home automation system with the help of Arduino. You can build it according to your preferences. You can control devices such as lights, fans, ACs, motors, etc.
4. Arduino controlled boat
You can build a boat with Arduino. It can be remote controlled or can move based on the inputs it receives. You can also use it for other purposes such as surveillance.

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What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform that allows you to create, test and build electronic gadgets. These gadgets interact with the environment to produce specific digital data and signals.

As mentioned, Arduino is made up mainly of two parts: the software and hardware. The software is a set or algorithms that the user has defined. These instructions tell the chip how to respond to a specific action. The hardware is primarily the Arduino board, which is the physical circuit that contains all the components necessary to make the Arduino circuit board function. These will be examined in detail shortly.

Motion sensors, invasion alarms fire sensors and alarms are just a few of the many uses for Arduino.

Arduino Hardware

The Arduino hardware is mainly referred to as the Arduino boards. These boards are open-source, which means that the layouts and production files are available online for certain versions. The following components make up the Arduino boards:

  • MicrocontrollerThis is a 8-bit AVR microcontroller equipped with flash memory. It comes pre-programmed and includes a bootloader that simplifies the upload of software to the flash memory.

Arduino Software

Programming code for Arduino hardware is possible in any programming language, as long as it can compiled to create binary machine code for its target processor. Arduino IDE is a Java program that runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It provides the development environment for Arduino software.

The IDE simplifies the process of creating Arduino code for beginners by integrating features like automatic indenting, search-and-replace, copy and paste and syntax highlighting. It is easy to compile and upload programs on the board with just one click.

Arduino Common Applications

Some of the most well-known applications of Arduino are:

  • Ardupilot:Hardware and software for an Arduino-based drone

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Topics covered under Arduino Assignment Help

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  • Arduino IDE

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