How we made an app and got featured in India 2 times in a row

As I mentioned in my previous post, me and my friend released an app called Bookdom in the end of March 2015.
I was really surprised when our app got some attention from Microsoft teams all around the world. First, it got featured in Slovenia just a week after the release. (Slovenia is a small country in central Europe.)
But because the Windows Phone market there isn’t big, this promotion didn’t result in any big spike in downloads.
And just 4 days later, it also got featured in South Africa. The market there is a bit bigger, so the app got a bit more downloads. But nothing spectacular.

Then, I received an email from Microsoft

Email from Microsoft

Now this was exciting news!
Our app was about to get featured in India, one of the world’s largest Windows Phone markets!
Here is what happened.

Boost in downloads from India

And this was not the end. Bookdom got featured in India again 2 days after that!
This time, we received more than 1400 downloads plus about 1100 downloads from the first time. So we actually got about 2000 new users in just a few days ☺

Our app got a nice kick start but after that, downloads dropped significantly. The app is a bit hard to find in the store, but once you get there, it is just an amazing experience (at least people in reviews say so).

Next stop:
Being featured in USA